Senior Software Engineer, Anti-Cheat

Tech Remote

We're looking for an Anti-cheat Engineer to join our team, which collaborates remotely from around the world. Our members range from industry newcomers to experts with 15+ years of experience. Team members come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but share a common passion for building polished player-focused, community-powered games.


At Hypixel Studios we are looking for applicants that are demonstrably passionate about their hobbies, have the drive and commitment to deliver results with minimal supervision, have international-level professional competency in their skill sets, and can demonstrate involvement with other interesting projects throughout their lives.


As a new member of our anti-cheat development team you will be responsible for the design, implementation and support of server and client side systems and features. You will be continuously communicating with game developers and security engineers to ensure our players are having the best experience while enjoying our games.

Who you are:

  • You are a tinkerer, someone who enjoys figuring out how things work through reverse engineering and breaking down restrictions
  • You are passionate about a fair game experience for all players
  • You are always iterating on new potential techniques to help create secure environments


Some of your role:

  • Assess potential game security risks and develop, deploy and support mitigation techniques
  • Work with developers and designers across the project to ensure best practices for game security
  • Reverse engineer threats and derive solutions to influence new best practices or potential mitigation techniques
  • Play the bad guy: proactively fuzz and attack our game to harden and increase its protections from the start


Essential Traits:

  • Minimum two years experience with developing, maintaining and shipping C/C++ applications
  • Experience with C/C++ toolchains, such as CMake and clang
  • Strong analysis, debugging and reverse engineering skills
  • Technical understanding of the structure and flow of networking stacks in multiplayer games
  • Deep knowledge of Windows process management, dynamic link libraries, memory management (think windows.h)
  • Formulating system-testing procedures to ensure the quality and consistency of software systems developed.
  • Experience working with developers to audit game code and ensure that best security practices are followed


Bonus Traits:

  • Deep technical understanding of methods used to attack or exploit networked systems
  • Experience researching, designing, and developing specialized software systems and applications for detection of cheating software or behaviour.
  • Experience using security libraries, such as libsodium
  • Knowledge of POSIX standards


We can offer:

  • A chance to work on a new game project with an extremely motivated team.
  • Opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • A stable and secure work environment.
  • The ability to work remotely


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