Senior Software Engineer, Creator Tools

Tech Remote

We are looking for a Senior Software Engineer to join our team, which collaborates remotely from around the world. Our members range from industry newcomers to veterans with 15+ years of experience. Team members come from a diverse set of backgrounds, but share a common passion for building polished player-focused, community-powered games.


At Hypixel Studios we are looking for applicants that are demonstrably passionate about their hobbies, have the drive and commitment to deliver results with minimal supervision, have international-level professional competency in their skill sets, and can demonstrate involvement with other interesting projects throughout their lives.


As an engineer for the Creator Tools and Ecosystem initiative you will be responsible for developing and maintaining our internal and player facing tooling, supporting artists, animators and technical designers with the tools they use every day. You will be continuously communicating with engineers and content developers to ensure performance, workflow and user experience expectations are met. 

Who you are:

  • You have strong fundamental programming skills and can build robust, highly scalable systems from the beginning all the way to completion
  • You are passionate about building tools and optimizing workflows, and have a good understanding for the challenges artists/designers face when creating content
  • You enjoy collaboration and mentoring colleagues; in fact you’d like to think people enjoy working with you.


Some of your role:

  • Build new tools for various systems of the game and engine from the ground up but also maintain and improve existing tools that will be used internally as well as by players.
  • Identify and resolve production pipeline issues and discover opportunities to improve the workflow of our tooling.
  • Collaborate with members from other disciplines such as Art or Technical Design to improve our tooling.


Essential Traits:

  • 4 or more years experience programming tools (C# or Java is a plus)
  • Experience building applications with complex UIs.
  • Experience with 3D rendering APIs and 3D math (vectors, matrices, quaternions, etc.) 
  • Experience developing networked applications.
  • An understanding of software security and how to minimize vulnerabilities in code and through system design.
  • Able to break down complex tasks into small actionable iterations.
  • Proficient in both written and verbal communication with technical and non-technical individuals.
  • Team-oriented, self-motivated, and autonomous.
  • Passionate about games and gaming.


Bonus Traits:

  • Proven experience within the games industry.
  • A good eye for UI/UX design.
  • Knowledge of industry standard tools (e.g. Blender, Maya, Unreal Engine).
  • Experience with performance analysis and code optimization using profilers like YourKit, dotTrace or dotMemory.


We can offer:

  • A chance to work on a new game project with an extremely motivated team.
  • Opportunities to learn and grow personally and professionally.
  • A stable and secure work environment.
  • The ability to work remotely.


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