A world of adventure and creativity

Evolving the block game

Our first standalone game, Hytale, represents our desire to take everything we’ve learned in the block game genre and apply it to a new game that empowers modders and content creators while also offering a deep adventure and minigames experience.

+1 ×

Plus one, times infinity!

Hytale is an iteration on an established genre meeting the world's most empowered community. The truest measure of success for a game, or any creative endeavor, is when it transcends from being the output of its original creators into something that is collectively owned by its community.

‘+1’ represents our effort to build a game that iterates on the sandbox adventure genre in such a way that it forms a platform that the ‘infinite’ (our players) will build meaningful and resonant experiences on. Experiences that, in turn, have the capacity to become cornerstones of our players’ identities.

What are the values that define Hytale?

Hytale was born out of passion and necessity. We know what it is like to build a sandcastle in someone else's sandbox. We understand the trials and tribulations that have formed us into what we are today and thus we build Hytale with that experience in mind. Those that wish to follow our origin story should have the space and the support to do so.

Empower and support modders

A passionate team built from players who represent portions of the audience, deeply empathize with their needs, and are excited to build strong relationships and lines of communication with players that inform better development choices. The player is always at the centre of our universe.

Everything we do is by and for players

We’re making the generation and consumption of user-generated content a cooperative and fun experience. We minimize barriers to entry and democratize game development so our community can easily serve its own needs for novelty and innovation while remaining in our ecosystem. We freely place tools in our players’ hands.

Edit everything together

We bring community-building activities such as a social hub and minigames into the core game experience, and further build upon the successes that Hypixel has demonstrated are possible here.

Natively social

We use our genre expertise to identify which parts of gameplay would benefit from a +1, should be maintained, scrapped or overhauled. We do not fear the pain caused by having to reinvent the wheel if it means it's now the right wheel for players and ourselves as developers. We’re willing to pay high prices to do it right if the situation truly demands.

Uniquely positioned

We will investigate any trending game genre or minigame if there’s desire for it and the bandwidth exists. We welcome and cherish the opportunity to showcase other IPs to our audience. We understand that the natural process is that players will export from our ecosystem (sometimes within our community) or to other games.

No genre is off-limits

Since our audience is composed of a wide spectrum of tastes and desires, we must serve them with rapidly and efficiently built assets. Even though assets are low fidelity we still aspire to hit the bar when it comes to player expectations.

Lo-fi, hi-ex

The size of the experience is defined by the player. A frictionless responsive game loop is central to the success of minigames. Players should be able to flow in and out of game experiences in just seconds. Wait times should be minimal and players should rarely be forced off their character controls unless they choose to be.

Eat your fill

We want every player to feel safe, respected, represented, and at home in the Hytale community. We provide our players with the tools and information they need to protect themselves online.

Hearth and home