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Our story

From mod team to professional studio

Our team has its origins in the Hypixel Network minigames server, which was established in 2013 and subsequently became one of the most popular independent game servers in the world. We have served millions of players and launched dozens of games through our work as modders - and along the way, Hypixel has become a beloved brand among fans of the block game genre. Hypixel Studios was born out of a desire to take this experience and 'go pro' - to grow from mod team to professional development studio and to build games that empower our players to begin their own creative journeys.

We established the company and announced our first project, Hytale, in 2018. Hypixel Studios was subsequently acquired by Riot Games in 2020. We continue to operate independently while leveraging Riot’s expertise, technology, and resources to support development of Hytale.

Our values

A place you choose to be

We strive to create an environment where people want to be and actively participate. We want to attract those that are aligned with our company and product mission. Our team, even with opportunities elsewhere, chooses to be here. We expect them to continue to make that choice to be here every day.

That responsibility goes both ways.

  • We acknowledge that everybody who works here makes an active choice to do so in spite of other opportunities. We actively seek to earn that choice.

  • We recruit individuals whose talent would give them their pick of other places to work. We expect that they choose to be here because they align with specific aspects of Hypixel Studios' mission, values, and culture.

We’re sharing our values on this page because we want to give potential applicants a sense of who we are as a team and the principles that we stand behind as a studio. However, we also acknowledge that studios must continually adapt to meet new challenges and to safeguard the health and wellbeing of their staff. This is a living document that we expect to evolve alongside the company.

What makes Hypixel Studios a place that you choose to be?

Self-driven, not driven

Each of us are primarily driven by our own determination and passion. The studio is composed of people who don’t need to be compelled to do creative work. It is here to facilitate your passion, skill and work ethic and let it flow from you. There’s no magic button we can press called ‘be creative’ and we can’t snap our fingers and say ‘be productive’. We will take a breath and stop to help for as long as is appropriate if someone has slowed or is struggling, but it must ultimately be you who is responsible for your own drive.

Heart and soul

We recognize that the type of people we attract are deeply passionate and will pour their very being into what we are collectively trying to achieve. We acknowledge the human cost that this requires and it is that level of passion and commitment that we as a studio act to recognize, respect, and reward.

We’re proud to be part of a diverse culture of extraverted introverts

We are defined not just by our cultural diversity but also by our passions and interests. At Hypixel we welcome and feed off each other's passions, and pour that energy into our community and our games. Our environment is one that encourages people to talk about what they love and share their experiences with the rest of the team.

We come from many backgrounds and recognize the value added to the game and studio from diversity in every sense, including race and ethnicity, neurodiversity, sexuality, disability, and gender identity.

To create the world’s most empowered communities

We come from the beating heart of a modding community ourselves. We know the difficulties surrounding that. We recognize that a game’s longevity and its very scope are functions of how empowered a community is to facilitate its own development and management. We endeavour to keep these values close in any project we undertake so that we can facilitate our community’s ability to make their mark on anything that we give them.

Never* legislate around anomalies

Sometimes weird things just happen. To reduce bureaucracy we seldom legislate around events that we consider to be one-off.

Recognizing humanity

We understand that humans are subject to life’s ups and downs. We have burn outs, we have productivity curves, non-work circumstances can interfere - the company fundamentally appreciates that not every day can be a ‘good day’. We’ll stand with you on the down periods because we know that we’ll stand to benefit from flourish periods.

There is no stigma attached to putting your hand up or having a quiet word to say that someone might need help.

A remote-first and remote-focused geo-diverse company

Remote working is at the heart of who we are. It presents additional challenges but also unique benefits, including a much wider field to draw colleagues from. We provide a creative conduit for those that, for whatever reason, may not have been drawn to or involved in a brick and mortar office environment. In order to ensure that team members are able to coordinate with their colleagues at least once per day, the company’s official communication overlap hours occur between GMT-8 and GMT+1 as the majority of our team is located within these timezones. However, we support flexible working hours and endeavour to accommodate team members residing out of this band to the best of our ability.

Examples include someone who must care for a loved one at home, or someone that has a medical condition which prevents working in an office environment. Someone who lives in a place where there are no opportunities to join local studios. Someone who simply prefers working remotely. Someone who once worked in a place with a games industry but now has had to move.

Situations where the preceding is true creates an opportunity for us to capitalize on talent that non-remote studios may not be able to and add that talent to our tribe.

Never bet against your own

We hire people because we believe in them and while we can’t greenlight every pitch or suggestion we generally default to trusting in ourselves and our colleagues and we never place an active chips-on-the-table bet against our own.

Foster new talent - a ‘no junior’ environment

Hypixel Studios was built on the passion, ability and endurance of new emboldened industry talent. We recognise that this form of talent, that spark in the bottle, needs to be nurtured and encouraged at every stage. We must keep our ears to the ground and recognise these special individuals, recruit them and help them in a meaningful and thoughtful manner.

We recognize that people can have onboarding experiences of varying durations and until that completes they are very much learning. Nonetheless, the title of ‘junior’ does not exist at this company. New hires, from the newest newbie to the vettiest veteran all have to prove themselves and we default to believing in them, otherwise we would not have asked them to join our team.

Aspire to be venerated by the next generation of gamers

Hypixel the brand is as important as any game we make. Hypixel Studios is charged with the duty of shaping expectations for what a good game studio is for a new, emerging audience of gamers and as well as their predecessors. We strive to earn a place in their hearts as a formative online multiplayer gaming experience for a new generation of gamers, and that responsibility is sacred.

"Ours and we” never “my and I”

Terminology matters, our games and our studio are never about one person. It is about the collective effort of many. It is never your project - it is our project. You are never hiring for your team, you are asking others to join our team. This applies to everybody from company leadership to our newest hire.

Everyone has their jam

All members of the studio innately understand what it means to truly care about something as a passion in its purest form. To be able to connect and surf vicariously on the waves of each other's experiences and passions.

Be it games or specific games, our community or other communities, hobbies or the ending of Game of Thrones. Our job as a studio is to take that innate capacity for passion and find a way to redirect that positive energy to be about us. Our game, our community, our mission.